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About Clajac Trading LLC

Clajac Trading LLC is an IT solutions provider for companies operating in Middle East. We offer a creative, professional and cost effective ONE STOP IT SOLUTIONS to fulfill business growth and varied IT needs of our clients. We build a solid and respected business by specializing in Providing IT Solutions & Consulting Services, Web development and Maintenance & Support.

In order to explore new business opportunities and adapt to the fast changing environment, all businesses need IT professionals to assist them. Clajac Trading LLC uses today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated Information Technologies to provide professional IT services and expertise that enables our clients to achieve their business growth.

Clajac Trading LLC is an IT Solutions Provider, Website developer, Office Stationery supplier company implementing any projects of any complexity. Our experience in providing successful IT Solutions, Web development, Office stationary supply and support service for different industries helps us create solutions working trouble free from the outset. In the years to follow, Clajac Trading continued its growth in the business, by setting extensive support in the Middle East. With the solutions of competitive IT products, Clajac Trading increased its revenue from time-time growth in the business, by setting extensive support in the Middle East. With the solutions of competitive IT products, Clajac Trading increased its revenue from time-time.

Areas of Expertise

Clajac Trading LLC gained expertise in delivering not only quick turnaround IT supply but also large scale IT Service Solutions. In doing so, Clajac Trading delivery methodology has evolved incorporating the best-of-breed tools and techniques.

We believe you have to ask the right questions to be able to solve a challenge. This means looking at a problem from a number of angles and importantly from an unbiased view point. In the IT services industry problem solving and creative solutions are key deliverables for a successful project and client satisfaction. Consultants in the field need support from its company’s subject matter expertise and often - time is of essence, what Clajac Trading had proved so far…!!!

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Our Mission: Your Success

Our goal is to help you grow and develop your business in line with your goals, even in times of changing markets and increasing competitive pressure. We see ourselves as an enabler, making your business more simple and competitive. Our services are based on our three core values: ultimate procurement, simplicity in pricing and competitive technology. We suggest & deliver successful technological solutions for your business, based on efficient and innovative technologies and on a clear understanding of your needs, because our services are as unique as your company and because we're focused on your success.

Our objective is to build a true partnership around your specific needs. With this kind of partnership in place, we can effectively put our technologies and experience to work for you. With Clajac Trading as your partner, you'll see a significant increase in your company's efficiency, effectiveness and competitive edge.